Multiple Nominations for E.A.T.S. by International Academy of Web Television Awards

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…SOOOOO super excited to share this because it celebrates the collaborative spirit that guides every tv/film and live event production, workshop, public appearance, and food-making venture “EATS” has undertaken. Thank you to the International Academy of Web Television for celebrating intrepid content creators in the ever unfolding space of the wild wild web in this, the 5th year of the IAWTV Awards.

In beginning the work now known as The EATS Community, the team focused on serving communities hungry for positive change in our nation’s food supply as well as highlight those doing great work in areas of food sustainability and access. All that while cultivating the inherent gourmet and gourmand in each of us that emerges from cherishing our planet’s resources. Food choices which are good for people and our planet can and really should taste delicious!

In wrapping our 1st season, there’s so much joy in the fact that the artistic work made possible by a great number of professional industry talents, commercial in-kind donations, and loving cheer from family and friends made this walk of faith possible. Striving to harness the capacity of the arts change our world for the better has made the journey quite challenging and even more fulfilling. And so, the nominations in Best Branded and Best Documentary/Educational Series fills my heart greatly.

In this varied landscape of production and public service, my “EATS” partner Omar Leyva has been a steady, super-techie, fellow creative who has done more than just edit all our pieces, design our logo, and build our site, he’s been a tried and true friend who has no compare. To him and the hundreds of collaborators, including my hubby Jon Smith, who have given so much to this passion project–it is in weaving of all your hearts, souls, talents, and God-given gifts that has made “EATS” so unique and special.

I’m so grateful… and I congratulate not only the fellow nominees, but every artist who walked out their inkling to create something that moved them and thereby added beauty to our world.

Jane Park Smith


Author: Jane Park Smith